Cloud Logistics Case Study

Cloud Logistics of Rainham in Essex is one of Zupplychain’s most successful providers, in terms of number of enquiries received. The 70k square feet warehouse it has registered with Zupplychain – Cloud Pallet Storage - has 9000 pallet spaces in total across floor-standing and racking Of this total capacity, 1000 floor standing, 1000 1.5m high racked pallets spaces and 500 2m racked spaces are available on Zupplychain. The business was established 5 years ago, originally as the logistics arm of a sister business but quickly entering the third party storage market.

Prices start at £1.70 per pallet per week for racked euro pallets up to 1.5m high, exceptional value for the South East. This competitive pricing has certainly been a factor in the large number of enquiries that customers have sent to Cloud Pallet through Zupplychain in the last few months – Cloud Pallet has received more Zupplychain storage enquiries than any other warehouse provider since launch! One of these has led to an ongoing long-term storage agreement, whilst a couple of others are still in discussion.

The main Zupplychain contact at Cloud Logistics is Greta Honish. Greta is always prompt and thorough when responding to customer on-line enquiries, using the Zupplychain automated process to the full to answer customer questions. Due to Greta’s online responsiveness, Zupplychain has provided several off-line enquiries resulting from phone calls into our office, usually for general warehouse space rather than pallet storage.

Cloud Logistics also offers transport and distribution services, pick and pack and home delivery, and container destuffing and palletisation.

Zupplychain met up with Greta recently and asked her for her perspectives on Cloud’s involvement in the Zupplychain community.

ZC: What sort of businesses are your main customers?

GH: We have a wide variety of customer types, but have some bias towards furniture and construction. Being on the edge of London makes us relatively low cost for pallet storage, whilst still being able to deliver cost effectively into London.

ZC: Where did you first hear of Zupplychain?

GH: I found Zupplychain on Linked-in soon after it launched for warehouse registrations in February. I didn’t join straight away – I wanted to find out more from Lauren [Zupplychain account manager for warehouse providers] about how it would work, what the cost would be and the timetable to be fully live with the customer warehouse search facility. After we’d spoken – and I’d learnt that live storage search was imminent, I signed up.

ZC: What appealed to you about Zupplychain?

GH: I just thought it was a great idea. There’s been plenty of ‘sharing economy’ models for consumers, like Airbnb, but less in b2b. In UK logistics, there’s Freightex and Haulage Exchange that connect buyers and sellers. But no one has done warehouse space or pallet storage in the way Zupplychain do.

ZC: Why do you think you have received so many Zupplychain enquiries?

GH: I think it’s a combination of factors: our competitive pricing, the location of our warehouse for London and the South East, the fulfilment services we offer and that we will try to accommodate any request, no matter how big or small – we’ve had enquiries for a handful of pallets for pick and pack and courier delivery through to hundreds of bulk- stacked pallets. As soon as we can, we respond on-line to a Zupplychain enquiry to find out more about how we might be able to help; it’s easy to use and you can attach documents to give the customer more complex pricing. I’ve also built up a good relationship with the Zupplychain team so, when they get phone enquiries in my area, they know I respond quickly. One of our Zupplychain contracts came that way.