ZC in the news - HSS and WLN

Our Managing Director has been busy putting his Economics background to good use with a compelling case for on-demand warehousing – of which Zupplychain is amongst the most innovative providers – and how it can make the difference for all sizes of business, depending of their business growth cycle.

The article, which we featured on our own blog a few weeks ago , was picked up by a number of industry publications, keen to highlight how all warehouse users – whether in the market for filling up their own available warehouse space or for outsourcing storage of temporarily unhoused stock – can benefit from considering more collaborative models of warehousing.

In addition, both HSS and WLN highlighted the fact that all companies, irrespective of their size, go through periods where their warehouses are over or under-stocked and it is this variability that is inherently inefficient; as such, any business model that drives down this inefficiency is a boon both to individual operators and to the industry as a whole.

Furthermore, as most companies grow, the key operations question tends to be “when is the right time to invest in a new warehouse?” – and both articles stressed the positioning of on-demand warehousing in the equation.

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