Introduction Video

As we're a new organization with a new approach to the warehouse and pallet storage industry, we thought it would be helpful to wrap up our philosophy in a short - but informative - video.

Whether you're buying or selling pallet space, ZupplyChain offers the perfect solution with a polished feel that emphasizes the detail underpinning our service. Registering is simple and the benefits are clear for everyone involved.

In the video, we break down what we're offering that's fresh and innovative, along with explaining how we plan to bring warehouse owners and those in search of pallet storage together in a quick, efficient and transparent way - adding value to every step in the supply chain as we go.

Please take a look and tell us what you think...!

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Whether you're interested in filling up your warehouse space or finding somewhere to store your pallets, imagine the time, effort and money you'd save if you could complete all your business in one place...

Currently, there's simply no easy and effective way for someone in the logistics industry to identify - or attract - potential business partners on a national (or, indeed, international) scale.

Warehouse owners can't maximize the use of their space because they can't tap into a national customer base and offer real-time availability and pricing.

Meanwhile, customers have to rely on local directories or brokers as well as a stream of phone calls to various warehouses, always suspecting there are better opportunities available if only they could find them.

Well, ZupplyChain aims to fix both issues by providing an online portal for warehouses and customers to discuss their logistics requirements quickly and efficiently.

Firstly, by providing an online platform for warehouse owners to advertise their available pallet space so that potential users - wherever they are - can solve the challenges of short-term stock excess or outgrown facilities.

Secondly, by providing a simple-to-use communication tool so that business relationships can be forged and managed seamlessly and transparently.

If you're a warehouse owner, you just register your warehouse space and its features and, once complete, your details will be searchable in our database, ready to attract new customers.

If you're a customer looking to store pallets, you simply input your requirements into our search facility. Then you can communicate directly on the ZupplyChain system with suitable warehouses in order to discuss details and, finally, agree an order.

But that's not all ZupplyChain does!

Once the order is agreed, our unique pallet database gives visibility - at the pallet level - for both parties. And it enables customers to specify individual movements using unique reference numbers throughout the life-cycle of the storage agreement.

Complete control, seamless communication and transparency throughout - we aim to be the strongest link in your supply chain.