Warehouse Profile Page

The latest development on the Zupplychain website is a redesign of our warehouse profile page – the page for each Zupplychain registered warehouse provider that potential customers see when searching for pallet storage on the Zupplychain database of warehouses.

We’ve made three main changes to improve the look and navigability of this page, and to make it easier for customers to get straight in touch with their preferred warehouses:

  • The picture layout has been changed to use the available space better and be easier to toggle through the available photos. Uploading photos by warehouse providers remains the same – just go to your dashboard, ‘warehouses’, ‘view/edit details’, step 1.
  • To make it more intuitive to start a pallet storage enquiry with a warehouse, we’ve moved the button to the top right hand corner of the profile page. It’s now called ‘Contact this Warehouse’.
  • The pricing view has been simplified to a summary of the storage period dates with the price per week per pallet and the handling charge. The full pricing table can still be viewed in a pop up – this shows the pricing and availability per week plus the total estimated cost for the storage period. Users can use the ‘in and out’ functionality to model pallet throughput. Using this will provide a more accurate total estimated cost and give the warehouse provider a better guide of pallet storage and distribution requirements.

At Zupplychain , we have an ongoing programme of website improvements and developments to make it easier to offer warehouse space and find solutions for pallet storage. If you have any suggestions to improve the Zupplychain site, please mail us on info@zupplychain.com or call 0161 705 4326 .