100 Warehouses

We had reason to celebrate recently when Zupplychain – our fast growing search engine for warehouse space and pallet storage - reached the milestone of 100 warehouses on its database. Zupplychain launched in February this year for warehouses to register available space, securing enough by May to launch the search facility for potential customers. From August, Zupplychain users were able to start taking advantage of our Stock Database warehouse management system.

‘Zupplychain has developed at an accelerating pace since we launched our search facility in May,’ comments Martin Elgood, Zupplychain Managing Director. ‘We’ve had a tremendously successful ‘pay-per-click’ campaign to attract potential customers with pallets to store. A surprise benefit of this was that it has also brought us a surge in warehouse providers registering as they see the strength of our customer proposition and marketing’. Elgood continues, ‘It was particularly satisfying to pass the 100 warehouses benchmark, though the moment didn’t last long – we shot past it with 10 new warehouses in one week’.

‘In addition, from August we started seeing confirmed storage agreements between warehouses and customers, and are looking forward to hitting the 100 agreements benchmark too by the end of the year!’ adds Elgood.

To complement our search and matching facility between warehouses and businesses with pallets to store, we have also launched our Stock Database – a free to use cloud based warehouse management system. This allows customers and warehouses to share information on the stored pallets and request and confirm pallet movements, all with no set up costs. The Stock Database forms a central plank in Zupplychain’s mission to build a fully integrated communication and operational system for pallet storage in third party warehouses. Further development to the Stock Database is currently underway to enable Zupplychain customers to manage their stock within their warehouse too, alongside the stock in Zupplychain warehouses.

Also being launched next month by Zupplychain will be the facility to receive transport, distribution and fulfilment quotes through Zupplychain’s on-line enquiry and quotation system. We’ll let you know about that in our blog as soon as it’s released.

To search for available warehouse space and pallet storage from any of Zupplychain’s 100-plus warehouses, search now or call 0161 705 4326.