Haul and Store
  • Describe your business (turnover, no. of vehicles, number of employees, warehousing space; when established; location)

    Haul & Store has over 17,000 ft2 of warehouse storage in Surrey located close to the M3, M4 and M25. The majority of our space is pallet racking.

  • Haul and Store

  • What do you specialise in?

    Haul and Store offer a turn-key solution for all commercial logistical services, from pallet storage to pick and pack and distribution.

  • Who are your biggest customers?

    We have a wide variety of customers ranging from local business, online retailers, import/exporters, and other logistics companies.

  • How did you hear of Zupplychain?

    Via a Linked-In connection.

  • What appealed about Zupplychain that made you want to join?

    Zupplychain was just what we were looking for – at Haul & Store, we are targeting significant growth for our business in an area where warehouse space is in high demand. We could see that the Zupplychain model will bring in new customer opportunities, particularly customers from outside our area who otherwise we may not have found.

  • How did you find the registration process?

    It seemed excellent – quick and intuitive to navigate and the end result provides a clear picture of our company and services, as well as visibility of our pricing and availability.

  • Did you register via the ‘quick’ or ‘advanced’ route?

    I took the advanced route as having had a conversation with Martin in the Zupplychain office, I could see that it enabled me to specify both my racking and floor space with differential pricing and weight/height criteria.

  • How many warehouses, storage types and pallet spaces have you registered?

    We have the one warehouse in Camberley currently which we registered, specifying a couple of storage types in each of the three pallet footprints.

  • What documents did you upload?

    We uploaded our logo and a photo of part of the inside of the warehouse.

  • Have you now completed your contacts so as to be ready for enquiries?

    Yes we have multiple contacts registered for each of the Zupplychain roles.

  • Will you be registering any more warehouses?

    If we grow as a company yes we will continue to add more sites.

  • What do you think make’s Zupplychain unique?

    There is a gap in the market for an exchange type venue allowing those with pallets to store to easily find warehouses with available space easily do business together. Zupplychain fills that gap with its search facility, real-time information on availability and pricing and automated instant enquiries. We’re also looking forward to seeing how the recently released stock database works.