News Page

Zupplychain is pleased to unveil its re-launched News page. As well as a re-design, we’ve made it easier to find blogs by creating sections for different types of story, accessible from the tabs above the news stories.

‘Zupplychain news’ includes new developments to the Zupplychain website, news of our marketing activity and provider profiles. ‘Industry News’ has our blogs on the latest news and developments – national and international – in the logistics and warehousing sector. In ‘Press Coverage’, you can find stories about Zupplychain from the logistics press. Finally, ‘How-To’ includes all our guides on how to make the most of Zupplychain, whether offering warehouse space or looking for pallets storage. The ‘How-To’ blogs can also be found in our Resources section.

We hope you find the Zupplychain blogs interesting or helpful. If you think there are industry topics we could write about or comment on, do not hesitate to let us know by mailing us or phoning 0161 705 4326 .