Family owned logistics and warehousing business, BJS Ltd , was founded in 1990 and has 3 warehouses at Doncaster (180k sq ft), Brentwood in Essex (70k q ft) and Sheffield (40k sq ft). Its warehousing is supported by a distribution fleet of 110 vehicles and 165 employees.


Zupplychain met up with Darren Shaw at the company’s Doncaster HQ to discuss the business’ focus and why Darren registered BJS on Zupplychain.

Which warehouse have you registered?

I registered the Doncaster warehouse after a re-organization of our main activities there freed up some space. Doncaster is 180k square feet, partly racked, partly bulk with space for up to 20,000 pallets. With our new layout, we are looking for new storage business for Doncaster.

What do you specialise in?

We were originally mainly a distribution business but, like many, have slowly evolved from adding warehousing to support the distribution activities to a full service provider. More recently we have built up a ‘pick and pack’ operation for one of our large customers. With the success of this, we are now targeting the co-packing market.

Our Doncaster site is also a major input-er into the UPN pallet network, which we have been a member of for many years, allowing us to offer rapid single pallet delivery around the country cost effectively.

Who are your biggest customers?

Our biggest contracts are in soft drinks and sugar. We also pick and deliver popcorn for a major leisure business. Our warehouse smells great as a result!

How did you hear of Zupplychain?

I met your MD, Martin Elgood, last Autumn when he was presenting the idea to UPN members at regional meetings. I was impressed with the idea and how the preliminary website worked. When we had some space to market, it was clearly time to see how Zupplychain had evolved since seeing the ‘work-in-progress’.

What appealed about Zupplychain that made you want to join?

There’s no registration fee – it costs nothing to list your space and be seen in searches by potential customers. It’s also easy for users to search for space and I like how they get instant results for warehouses with enough space for their pallet storage requirements.

How did you find the registration process?

It was a bit slow at first - I didn’t have all the details needed to hand, such as all the weights and heights for our different types of racking; and some photos. Once I had everything ready, it took about 20 minutes.

Did you register via the ‘quick’ or ‘advanced’ route?

I did ‘advanced’ so as to list both euro pallets and square pallets and differentiate bulk and racked space, to make sure the BJS profile appears in as many customer searches as possible.

What documents did you upload?

I’ve uploaded one picture but hope to find time to take some more to upload. It’s easy enough to go on the dashboard to amend registration details and add more photos.

Have you now completed your contacts so as to be ready for enquiries?

I’ve made myself enquiries contact to get experience of how Zupplychain’s automated enquiry process works before I delegate it.

Will you be registering any more warehouses?

Yes, just this morning before meeting Zupplychain I added our West Horndean warehouse at Brentwood in Essex. I understand from Zupplychain that this is a hotspot for customer searches! We have less free space there but could accommodate a couple of thousand pallets at least.

What do you think make’s Zupplychain unique?

The most unique thing about Zupplychain is that everything is on the website to make an immediate and automated enquiry and transaction. A customer could go from a search to a storage agreement with a Zupplychain provider in less than an hour without making a single phone call or sending e-mails or asking several different warehouses for quotes. That sort of transparency and immediacy is what internet users expect… and it reflects the no-nonsense straight forward customer service culture of BJS!