Stock Database

After having the news of our Stock Database launch picked up early by Warehousing & Logistics News , a number of other publications in the Industry also highlighted the development of our services so we thought we’d have a quick roundup.

The Stock Database enables customers to provide advance information to warehouses of pallet quantities, specifications and delivery dates. It then facilitates an online conversation between warehouse and stock owners – instructing and confirming stock movements. A third-party warehouse management system in the cloud, if you will.

On the web, we’ve seen Handling and Storage Solutions , WLN (as we knew) and Logistics Manager all cover the development of the services across the summer. In addition, we’ve had good print coverage – both Transport & Logistics News and, perhaps more interestingly in terms of our provider database, the Pallex in-house publication, Fastlane have been publicising our growth to their readership.

In recent weeks, we’ve also been publishing a series of pieces explaining the Stock Database in more detail so please find out more on our News section and if you haven’t seen it already, here’s a quick video introduction the services that our Stock Database provides:


If you have any further questions – either around the Stock Database or more generally about Zupplychain, please don’t hesitate to get in contact .