Changing Status and Discrepancies

In the fifth part of our series detailing the Zupplychain Stock Database, we’re going to take a look at how you can amend the status of pallets whilst in storage, including the recording of discrepancies.

Recording a Discrepancy

A provider can record a pallet as a discrepancy. This can be done when booking-in, booking-out or at any other time (see ‘Change Status’).

To do this when booking-in or booking-out, simply tick the box in the ‘Discrepancy’ column and complete a reason code. The discrepancy will be saved along with the associated booking-in’s or booking’s out by pressing the confirm button to save.

Discrepancy pallets can be viewed in ‘View Pallets’.

Change Status or Location (by provider)

The status of a pallet will be changed by instructions to move it, booking in and out or making the pallet a ‘discrepancy’. However, the status of a pallet can also be changed separately should circumstances require.

A provider can change the status of a pallet in a number of ways (see below). A customer can remove a discrepancy (see ‘Remove Discrepancy’).

To change the status of a pallet, go to ‘Change Status’ and choose the appropriate header for the pallet’s current status. You will be presented with a list of all pallets of that status for the chosen customer. Find the relevant pallet and use the drop down to determine the new status, record or amend a location if required, tick the ‘confirm’ box and press ‘confirm’ to save.

The following status changes can be made:

  • Booked in to discrepancy
  • Discrepancy to booked in.
  • ‘Dispatch from Provider’ to discrepancy.
  • Booked out to booked in.
  • Booked out to discrepancy.

A location code can be changed in the same way by choosing the ‘Change Location’ drop down.

Remove Discrepancy (by customer)

A customer can remove a discrepancy. This may be needed when it has been agreed that a damaged or quality rejected pallet can be disposed of.

Go to ‘Remove Discrepancy’ and choose the appropriate provider. A list of discrepancy pallets at that provider will be presented. Choose the relevant pallet, tick the box and press ‘confirm’ to save.

To return a discrepancy pallet, the provider should book it back in after which the customer can treat it as a standard ‘Dispatch from Provider’.

Remove a Confirmed Dispatch or Pallet (Customer)

To cancel a confirmed dispatch to a warehouse provider, or remove a pallet from a dispatch, go to ‘Review Dispatch to Provider’ and either use the bin function on the summary list for a whole dispatch; or open the relevant dispatch to delete a single pallet.


If you have any further questions – either around the Stock Database or more generally about Zupplychain, please don’t hesitate to get in contact .