Further to the growth of our Resources section, we’ve had a number of positive comments about our video guides. And as a result, we’ve brought them all together in one easy to find Videos Library page.

We have four videos available currently:

  • ‘Welcome to Zupplychain’ is a general introduction to the Zupplychain model and how it can help businesses with spare warehousing space find customers and those with pallets to store to find third party warehouses.
  • ‘Finding Warehouse Storage Space with Zupplychain’ is a guide on how to use the Zupplychain search facility for those looking for pallet storage. We hope it provides all the information needed to start searching for your warehousing needs on Zupplychain. More detail on how our search facility works can be found on the Resources page.
  • ‘How to Register’ provides an outline of the process and information required to fully register available warehouse space on Zupplychain so as to appear in customer searches. ‘Making the most of your registration’ in the Resources section will help registered warehouses to optimise their warehouse profile.
  • ‘Stock Database’ demonstrates the features of Zupplychain’s propriety warehouse management system. This is free to use for Zupplychain warehouses and customers who have a storage agreement, enabling both parties to share information about the stored pallets. We are also publishing a six-part written guide to the Stock Database on our News page, which will also be available on the Resources page soon.

We will be releasing more video aides over the coming months. In the meantime, we hope the information in the Video Library, Resources section and FAQs gives you a good idea about Zupplychain’s mission. If you have any additional questions, please call us on 0161 705 4326 .