Improving Your Search Results

Regular visitors to Zupplychain may have recently noticed some changes we have made to the live warehouse search facility to improve the search results.

When a user searches for warehouse space, Zupplychain now returns two types of result – ‘exact matches’ and ‘close matches’. An ‘exact match’ will be a warehouse within the specified search radius that has enough free pallet spaces of the right height and weight to satisfy the search requirement. A ‘close match’ will still meet the pallet height and weight criteria, but may be a bit outside the search area. Also, as many providers have fluctuating space, we show all warehouses with some space availability who might be able to meet your needs.

The warehouse results will be listed with the ‘exact matches’ first, indicated by a gold star, followed by the ‘close match’ results in order of distance from the search centre. Enquiries for warehouse storage can be sent to both exact and close matches.

We have also made a couple of small changes to help improve the quality of search results you receive:

  • The search radius minimum is now 25 miles. This is the default, but any mileage radius above this can be specified.
  • The maximum pallet height has also been limited at 2.5m – remember, this is the height of a single pallet, not a stack of pallets.

At Zupplychain, we are constantly trying to improve the website experience of our customers and warehouse providers. If you have any suggestion on further improvements or additions to the site, please mail us on or call 0161 705 4326 .