Stock Database - Dispatching to/from Warehouses

Our third piece on the Zupplychain Stock Database covers labels, how to confirm dispatches to warehouse providers and requesting dispatches out of the provider’s warehouse to third parties.

Printing Labels

Before dispatch, the Zupplychain label must be adhered to each pallet. This label includes information about the pallet (product code, product description, weight, BBE) and a Zupplychain URN (unique reference number) for that pallet as well as a barcode to represent the URN. The URN allows the warehouse provider and the customer to share the Stock Database.

To print labels, go to ‘Print Label’ and choose the relevant provider. The list of pallets presented will be all those due to be dispatched to the chosen provider. To print all labels, tick the box at the top of the column or tick specific pallets to print individual labels.

In Transit

Once a dispatch list is confirmed, the next step is to change its status to ‘In-Transit’ when applicable.

  • Go to ‘Stock Menu’, then ‘Review Dispatches to Provider’.
  • Identity the relevant dispatch by dispatch date, warehouse provider, quantity of pallets and its status. (Draft product/pallet lists show ‘Edit’; Confirmed Pallet Lists show ‘Change Status’; ‘In-Transit’ shows ‘View’).
  • Select ‘Change Status’.
  • Tick the box in the ‘In Transit’ header to confirm all pallets in-transit. Alternatively, tick this box and then un-tick any specific pallets not dispatched.
  • You can amend/edit any of the delivery information and add the expected delivery date.
  • Select ‘Confirm’.
  • On the ‘Review Dispatches to Provider’ page you will now see this dispatch status as ‘In-Transit’. Any non-dispatched pallets will now be separately listed as ‘Confirmed’.
  • To dispatch the remaining pallets at a later date, repeat the process.
  • If the remaining pallets are not to be dispatched, you can remove the dispatch by using the bin on ‘Review Dispatches to Provider’ or for specific pallets on the relevant dispatch list.
  • Once dispatched, you can change the expected delivery date if required to keep the warehouse provider informed. Select the relevant dispatch, edit the date and save.
  • You will subsequently receive automated confirmation from the warehouse that the product has been booked out and dispatched.

Requesting Dispatches from a Warehouse Provider

Use the ‘New Dispatch from Provider’ page to request an outbound movement of pallets from the Zupplychain provider’s warehouse.

  • Go to ‘New Dispatch from Provider’.
  • Choose the relevant provider from the drop down list.
  • You will be presented with a list of pallets at the relevant provider which are ‘Booked-In’.
  • Select all pallets by ticking the box at the top of the dispatch column; or tick individual pallets.
  • If selecting individual pallets, you can sort the list by various columns (toggle the arrows in the column header) to make specific pallets easier to find in a large list.
  • At the bottom of the list, provide details of where and when the delivery is required.
  • Press Confirm.
  • You will subsequently receive automated confirmation from the warehouse that the product has been booked out and dispatched.


If you have any further questions – either around the Stock Database or more generally about Zupplychain, please don’t hesitate to get in contact .