Stock Database Launch - WLN Front Page

Having recently launched our new Stock Database services , we’ve had some early interest from Warehouse and Logistics News in covering our growth and development.

Warehouse & Logistics News is a big player in UK-based Logistics publications, providing a fortnightly insight into the warehousing and logistics industry. Published both in print and online, it has a large impact on all the senior buyers and decision makers in the world of warehousing and logistics. As such, getting such great coverage – and front-page as well! – is very flattering.

The article talks at some length about the new services we’re offering as part of our Stock Database roll-out and how this development sits within ZupplyChain’s broader philosophy of redefining the logistics marketplace with innovative products and services.

Please take a look at the online article ( for more details.

Whether you’re a warehouse owner looking to optimise your revenue generation or a palletised stock owner in need to temporary warehouse storage space, please get in contact today to see how our nationwide search and stock management systems can help you.