Stock Database Launch

Zupplychain has today launched the latest development of its website – the Stock Database. This is available to registered warehouse providers and customers who have agreed a storage contract. The Stock Database represents the latest step in Zupplychain’s mission of building a fully functional relationship management and operational online portal for pallet storage.

The Stock Database enables customers to provide advance information to warehouses of pallet quantities, specifications and delivery dates. Warehouses then confirm booking in and report discrepancies on-line, automatically notifying the customer, who can also use the Stock Database to send outbound movement instructions or information on additional inbounds to the warehouse provider.

At all times, both the customer and the warehouse can view status information for individual pallets or aggregated stock. For customers, the Stock Database allows them to view their Zupplychain stock across multiple warehouse providers without accessing different provider systems or by off-line enquiry.

Linking all this together is a unique reference number (URN) for each pallet, attached as a label to the pallet. This ensures that customers can request the movement of specific pallets, safe in the knowledge that – with the provider having access to this URN – that exactly the right pallet will be picked.

The Stock Database has been an integral part of the Zupplychain vision since concept development started. Having launched for warehouse registrations in February and for customer searches in May, the development of the Stock Database has been prioritised and accelerated so that warehouses and customers with storage agreements can benefit from its un-rivalled functionality as soon as possible.

Over the coming weeks, we will publish a series of pieces explaining the Stock Database in more detail and how to make the most of it but for now, check out our video to experience what it has to offer…