Quick guide to warehousing - types

Welcome to our new blog series, designed to help anyone new to searching for warehouse space to understand any terms they are not familiar with. In Part 1, we’re going to be covering Types of Storage. In Part 2, we turn to Methods of Storage and in Part 3, Ancillary Services. Finally, Part 4 will give an overview of Distribution Services.

If you can’t wait for the subsequent parts, you’ll find short explanations of some of the terms we cover in our glossary .

Ambient Storage

Ambient storage is what we expect most Zupplychain users to be searching for – hence, it is the default in our drop down menu of storage types on the search page. Ambient storage does what it says on the tin – stores products at an ambient temperature! Ambient temperature is not necessarily room temperature – warehouses do not run at 18 degrees all year but it will be a suitable temperature for keeping any product that doesn’t need chilling or freezing. On Zupplychain, you can rent space by the pallet for ambient storage, normally stored on racking.

If your product has any specific storage requirements, such as that it cannot be stored with certain other products, please specify this on your enquiry to the warehouse provider. When you start an enquiry with a Zupplychain warehouse, you will also see details of products that the provider is not able to accommodate.

Outside Storage

Obviously requires no explanation! Except, perhaps, to say that it is best to assume ‘outside’ means ‘outside and not undercover’.

If ‘outside storage’ is selected for an enquiry to a Zupplychain warehouse provider, the product and/or its packaging must be completely weather proof. If this product can be bulk stacked, please specify that in your enquiry.

Whilst we have some warehouse providers who have specified outside storage, we have many more with ambient storage. If an ‘outside’ does not yield an appropriate result, try again with an ‘ambient’ search. You won’t need to specify all the search criteria again, just change the drop-down menu for ‘storage temperature’ to ‘ambient’.

Bonded Storage

If you are storing alcohol or tobacco you will need a bonded warehouse. This may also be true for certain imported product types, or products imported from certain countries. A wet bonded warehouse generally covers alcohol and tobacco products. A dry bonded warehouse will cover everything else.

Putting imported products directly into a bonded warehouse enables the importer to pass the responsibility of paying the duty onto their customer or delay the payment of the duty until the product has moved on. This means that stock held in a bonded warehouse is not carrying the cost of duty whilst being held in stock.

Bonded warehouses are approved by the UK taxation and customs body (HMRC) in order to store imported goods or goods that are to be re-exported from the UK. Its website has details of processes and lead-times but it is important to note that you will need to complete paperwork, including where you intend to store, well in advance.

We ask our storage providers to specify whether they have bonded storage. Just specify ‘bonded’ when searching – the results will only be bonded warehouses. As we have less bonded warehouses than ambient ones, we suggest you search in a wide circle.

Hazardous Goods or Chemicals Storage

Some storage providers are not able to store hazardous goods or chemicals. Others may be specialists for them. When you start an enquiry with a provider, Zupplychain will tell you what that provider can’t store. If that is what you want to store, go back to search results and choose another provider.

Chilled and Frozen Storage

Some perishable goods will need specific temperature controlled facilities, either cool, cold or frozen. Most of these will also need appropriate temperature controlled transport.

Frozen will be below 0°c; chilled up to 5°c. Chilled and frozen specialist storage providers will usually offer a full service of fulfilment and distribution.

We are not offering chilled and frozen storage on the Zupplychain search facility yet, but will do so if asked by interested storage providers or customers - if you do have a frozen/chilled requirement, do contact us and we will see if we can help through our network as we do have several warehouse providers with chilled and/or frozen facilities.