Warehouse Space Customer Dashboard

Now Zupplychain’s live search facility is up and running, potential customers of our warehouse space providers can register on the site when they start an enquiry. Once registered, you will be directed towards your personal dashboard.

Today, we’re going to explain what you’ll find there.

Firstly, we’d like you to enter a few contacts for your business so Zupplychain and warehouse storage providers can get in touch with the right person for the right subject.

There are three types of contact:

  • Main Contacts, who are authorised in your business to make enquiries and confirm orders. The Main Contacts can also set up and delete other contacts.
  • Operational Contacts, who will provide the storage warehouse with product, pallet and movement details.
  • Accounts Contacts.

You can find out more about contacts by going to ‘Find out More’ on your dashboard home or in the Contacts tab.

Once you have set up your contacts, they can be changed or amended in the ‘Contacts’ tab on the side bar menu.

The other tabs on the side bar menu are:

  • ‘Account’. Go here to change your personal registration details, or change your password.
  • ‘Messages’. Here you will find all messages and notifications from Zupplychain. This includes messages from providers where Zupplychain automates the message (such as confirming product being booked in). Zupplychain will also mail these messages and notifications to your nominated e mail address. Some of these messages will have links to the part of your dashboard where the specific information can be found.
  • ‘Providers’. In this tab, you can find the contact details of your Zupplychain providers.

Once you have registered, we hope you have a chance to have a look around your dashboard. But if you’d like to find out more, or ask any questions, please mail us (go to ‘Contact Us’ ) or phone us on the number at the top of the page.