In advance of our site launch, ZupplyChain received a timely boost with an appearance on the trade magazine, Warehouse & Logistics News .

After 23 years of publishing, Warehouse & Logistics News is one of the biggest periodicals in the UK Logistics market, providing a fortnightly insight into the warehousing and logistics industry.

It is published in both print and digital formats, maximising its reach amongst both the traditional and online professionals and ensuring visibility in front of all the senior buyers and decision makers in the world of warehousing and logistics.

The article details ZupplyChain's philosophy in advance of our site going live for storage provider registrations - articulating how we are looking to redefine the expectations of both warehouse owners and those seeking pallet storage with an innovative marketplace model.

Please take a look at the online article for more details.

If you're interested in finding out more about how ZupplyChain can fill the gaps in your warehouse space, as well as optimise your revenue generation, please get in contact today to register your interest.