Walkers Warehouse Profile

Walkers Transport (www.walkers-transport.co.uk) is a privately owned Leeds based storage and haulage business, established in 1979. Walkers has several warehouses in the Leeds area and a transport depot in Manchester. With approximately 100 vehicles and trailers, nearly 200k sq ft, 230 employees and over £20m turnover, Walkers is a major force in offering nationwide logistics from the north of England. Walkers is a long-standing member of the Palletways pallet network and the network’s biggest inputter of volume. It also runs the regional Palletways hubs at Leeds and Manchester.

Zupplychain was shown around the business and its facilities by Chris Burley, Walkers’ Operations Manager who started and heads up the storage part of the business. Chris has been with Walkers for 10 years, having previously worked in IT and banking.

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ZC: Which warehouse have you registered?

CB: We have listed all our Leeds based sites under one warehouse registration initially, as we operate the three sites as one, giving us more flexibility. One warehouse is in Morley, another in Birstall and a third in Cross Green (all just south of Leeds). They are all within 5 minutes of the M62 and M1. However, now that I’ve started adding contacts, I will register the units separately so I can use site specific operational contacts on Zupplychain.

We are particularly focused on security – I only acquire sites with excellent perimeter fencing. One of our warehouses is food grade warehouse.

ZC: What do you specialise in?

CB: Our core business is pallets. We mostly deal with ‘full pallet in, full pallet out’ but also have a couple of hundred picking bays in one warehouse for several different customers, and can convert more space to this as and when required.

A core area for us is the pallet network business, both as a member and a hub operator. We have worked hard on making this business as efficient as possible with direct vehicle to vehicle movements and giving our customers label printing for pallet network product.

We don’t have any sectoral bias, working across a wide range of industries and business types.

ZC: How did you hear of Zupplychain?

CB: I saw an advert on Linked-in a week or two before the site launched and rang Lauren Bartlett to find out more. I liked what I heard and registered on launch day. Apparently, our warehouse was the first to be registered!

ZC: What appealed about Zupplychain that made you want to join?

CB: It just felt like there was a market for it. With available space across UK plc tightening, businesses looking for storage need a destination site to go to. It seemed that was what Zupplychain aims to be, not just another site with a list of warehouses and their phone numbers. Though we rarely lose a customer, we are always looking out for new ones, particularly as we are adding more space to our portfolio.

ZC: How did you find the registration process?

CB: It was pretty simple! And it’s equally easy to go back and add and amend details via the warehouse dashboard.

ZC: Did you register via the ‘quick’ or ‘advanced’ route?

CB: I did the quick route – just registering one type of storage and one pallet footprint: 4000 spaces of standard pallets at ambient. But I am going to go back to the registration and add other pallet footprints to ensure we receive enquiries for those also.

ZC: What documents did you upload?

CB: At first, I didn’t upload any as I wanted to get the basic registration up and running and knew that it would be a while before warehouse profiles would be viewable by potential customers [Chris registered Walkers in February; Zupplychain’s search facility went live in May]. Now I’m going to add some photos and documents.

ZC: Have you now completed your contacts so as to be ready for enquiries?

CB: Yes, that was easy to. I’ve put myself down for some roles as I’m intrigued to see how it works.

ZC: What do you think make’s Zupplychain unique?

CB: As I said before, it’s needed in the market. Without a market maker like Zupplychain, someone has to phone around looking for space, possibly hitting brick walls. The world doesn’t need to work like that now – it’s like Amazon: you don’t go around a handful of shops checking prices and availability anymore. You just do it there and then! That matches what we do for our customers – we aim to take all their logistics headaches from them so they can concentrate on what they do best. We want our customers to always think, ‘Walkers can do it’!


If you’re interested in putting your warehouse space with Zupplychain, it’s easy to do – just register (for free) on our website and away you go!