Enquiry to Agreement

With the launch of Zupplychain’s live search facility , customers can now find and contact registered warehouse providers on the Zupplychain database. We’ve already started a blog stream on how to make the most of the search functionality. Now we’d like to explain what happens when an enquiry is sent.

On choosing ‘Start Request’, a customer logs in – or registers if it’s their first enquiry – and is taken straight to a pre-populated enquiry document using the registration information and the search criteria. We ask if the customer would like the potential storage provider to quote for in-bound transport. Finally, there’s the opportunity to ask the provider about anything else, for instance whether they offer particular services.

This request for storage is sent immediately to the Enquiries Contact at the relevant warehouse. Again, Zupplychain provides a partly pre-populated reply and asks the warehouse Enquiries Contact to confirm the storage is still available, offer payment terms, respond to any specific questions from the customer and, if requested, quote for in-bound delivery. We ask the Enquiries Contact to reply to the customer within 48 hours (excluding weekends). The warehouse may decline the enquiry, in which case we ask them to specify why so as to inform the customer and help Zupplychain to further improve its database.

The warehouse’s reply goes straight to the customer contact. In legal or transactional terms, this is the warehouse’s offer. The customer can accept or decline the offer. If declined, we again ask why. If accepted, this forms a confirmed order to the warehouse provider, which the warehouse will then confirm with a Zupplychain acknowledgement.

Finally, we send a confirmation of the key points of the agreement to both parties. At this stage, we will also ask the customer – if it’s their first Zupplychain agreement - to complete their contact details (we’ll explain more about this in a forthcoming blog on the ‘Customer Dashboard’).

We hope this provides a clear guide on how Zupplychain streamlines enquiries, with many parts of the process pre-populated from the search and registration details of both customers and warehouse providers. But if you’d like to find out more, or ask any questions, please mail us (go to ‘ Contact Us ’) or phone us on the number at the top of the page.