Denholm Handling

Denholm Handling Ltd has 12 warehouses in the United Kingdom centred around ports, principally Liverpool, Felixstowe and Tilbury. The business has a turnover of £12m and is part of the 6th generation family owned Denholm Group – based in Glasgow - which has a turnover of £500m from its Shipping, Logistics, Sea Foods, Contracting and Oilfield Service businesses.

Denholm Handling Ltd is a specialist warehousing business, but together with sister companies can provide a full service from freight forwarding to transport.

Zupplychain caught up with Operations Director, John Harrison, to find out a bit more about the business and its Zupplychain warehouse registration.

John Harrison

John Harrison, Denholm Handling

ZC: Which warehouse have you registered?

JH: We have registered two adjacent warehouses in Liverpool, called Multi-User Warehouses 2 & 3 (MUW2 & MUW3). Combined they have over 200k sq ft of storage space with 20k of racked pallet positions - all VNA – plus some floor and outside storage. We would like to have registered more warehouses but the majority are close to full currently, whereas MUW2 & MUW3 are running at about 65-70% of capacity.

It is a food grade warehouse with 365 day / 24 hour port police security; its accreditations include BSI; BRC Global Standard for Food Safety; UKWA and UKAS Quality Standards.

ZC: What do you specialise in?

JH: Across our warehouses we offer a full range of services from container de-stuffing to single unit pick, together with core ‘pallet-in pallet-out’ business. Equally we cater for a wide range of product types, with different warehouses specialising in food, FMCG, industrial products, automotive, timber, steel and stone products.

In addition, we perform added value services such as reworking; labelling and tagging; bean bag manufacture and retail ready shippers.

We have made our name through good service at a keen cost and building long term partnerships with our customers.

ZC: Who are your biggest customers?

JH: As well as the heavy products, we have some major household names in FMCG amongst our customer base – consumer’s shopping baskets are full of products in our warehouse!

ZC: How did you hear of Zupplychain?

JH: Word of mouth - my Managing Director heard of it from a contact who had also registered and asked me to look into it. It wasn’t difficult to decide to register – there’s lots to gain and nothing to lose!

ZC: What appealed about Zupplychain that made you want to join?

JH: We like the transparency for the potential customer – who we are, what sort of space we have, how we have priced it - and the opportunity to describe our services and demonstrate, by uploading documents, our quality levels.

ZC: How did you find the registration process?

JH: Obviously, there’s a bit of time and effort required and it also prompts you to re-examine your pricing for space and services, but overall it was pretty easy to do. I estimate it takes about 20-25 minutes to register a warehouse that has several different types of space, if you have your service offering details clearly defined in advance; less if you do the ‘quick’ route.

ZC: Did you register via the ‘quick’ or ‘advanced’ route?

JH: We did the advanced route as we wanted to register outside and bonded space as well as different pallet footprints – euros, standards and oversized.

ZC: How many warehouses, storage types and pallet spaces have you registered?

JH: We have three storage types, though each has multiple pallet footprints and have registered the full 20k pallet positions, as we can access additional warehouse facilities local to Liverpool, if required.

ZC: What documents did you upload?

JH: We uploaded 7 photos and our ISO9001, HACCP and BRC documentation. We have also recently been accredited the RoSPA Silver award for our H&S standards and will update this in due course.

ZC: Have you now completed your contacts so as to be ready for enquiries?

JH: Yes. A feature of our business though is you get through to decision makers so only a small number of contacts are needed.

ZC: Will you be registering any more warehouses?

JH: Not yet but we will if a large enough amount of space becomes free.

ZC: What do you think make’s Zupplychain unique?

JH: We had been contacted by a couple of Zupplychain’s competitors but the immediacy and transparency of Zupplychain’s system appealed to us, not to mention the quality and functionality of the website. We like the idea – obvious though it is – that a potential customer can see our profile and then send us a detailed enquiry with just a few key-strokes.

At Denholm Handling Ltd, we feel this is highly compatible with our way of working. We are a highly responsive and flexible team and finding solutions to new opportunities is very much one of our strengths. We’re especially excited by the prospect of attracting a variety of new customers including those who might not have previously considered a port-based warehouse.


If you’re interested in putting your warehouse space with Zupplychain, it’s easy to do – just register (for free) on our website and away you go!