Press Release 9

With the warehouse database search now live and kicking, Zupplychain is on the lips of the logistics magazines as they consider how our market disruption adds outsourcing value to identifying short-term storage solutions for pallets.

Traditionally the link in the supply chain that struggled to visibility to service and price comparisons, Zupplychain's model seeks to maximise the opportunities for high quality warehouse owners and customers in need of an effective solution to stock overflow (whether short- or long-term) and it’s clear that the idea is gaining traction.

Warehouse & Logistics News , Warehousing International and Handling and Storage Solutions have all been talking about the industry shake-up that Zupplychain could herald with online innovation ensuring warehouse space and pallets are matched up efficiently and quickly all across the UK.

Check out the articles for more information and don’t forget to watch this space for all future developments as Zupplychain goes from strength to strength!


If you’re interested in finding out more about how ZupplyChain can fill the gaps in your warehouse space, as well as optimise your revenue generation, please get in contact today to register your interest.