Popup and Dynamic Warehouses

In 2015, after the Zupplychain team had started its initial research, we stumbled on a US website that interested us, not least as it looked like it offered something similar to what we were working on. Flexe Inc mirrors Zupplychain in showing warehouse pricing and offering a cloud based system to manage customer stock in provider’s warehouses. Where Zupplychain differs to Flexe is in the algorithmic matching of customer’s search requirements to warehouse availability and our automated and structured process to progress enquiries. That someone else had had a similar idea – and raised some finance to start it off – encouraged us in the development period.

Recently, we particularly liked two blog items on the Flexe website which capture very well our motivations and ambitions for Zupplychain, so much so we thought we would share them with you. The two are related: the concept of ‘Pop Up Warehousing’ – essentially using short term strategically placed third party warehousing, possibly to solve a discrete non-continuous requirement – leads to a more flexible, dynamic and asset light approach to a business’ warehousing requirements.

Services like Flexe and Zupplychain offer an alternative logistics strategy for businesses, from large to small; mature to start ups:

  • Businesses can reduce the issues of seasonal stock builds and over-forecasting that lead to temporary peaks in stock by using a platform like Zupplychain to store excess stock in ‘pop-up’ warehousing. This strategy may allow a business to reduce its core ‘in-house’ warehousing capacity towards its average seasonal requirement rather than its peak requirement, reducing fixed costs and releasing capital.
  • Fast growing or new E-commerce businesses, lacking resources for fixed logistics costs and unclear what mid- or long-term capacity they need can use pop-up warehousing until they have clarity on their best logistics solution. Which may continue to be to out-source it.
  • Fast growing businesses can consider a dynamic warehouse strategy to upscale their logistics in line with their growth rate without the resource and cost implications of implementing possibly the wrong answer (in terms of size or location) themselves, nor the distraction and risk of running a fast growing logistics function.

Zupplychain is recruiting warehouse providers across the UK. Go to search to see if one of them can help you.

Here’s the links to the blogs…