How to Video

At ZupplyChain, our aim is to redefine the way that warehouse owners and companies in need of pallet space find each other, arrange storage agreements and manage pallet movements over time. We think the future we have in mind will lead to greater efficiency across the whole industry and, in turn, greater value for all parties.

However, we’re keen to ensure that the transition to our brave new world isn’t bumpy for those who can see the benefits clearly. So to help those early adopters who are registering with ZupplyChain, we’ve put together a quick video that we think will help clarify what is involved in the process of registering – including adding your warehouse details as well as pricing and storage variations.

Once you’ve watched the video and completed your first registration , we’re confident there’ll be no stopping you.

Please take a look and tell us what you think…!


Hi and welcome to ZupplyChain.

By now you’ve already created a basic account by registering with us. However, in order to get your warehouse into our search listings, we’re going to need a bit more detail to ensure they’re seen by the right people looking to store pallets.

First, you’ll need to define your first warehouse. If you have several, you can add others later but for now, we’ll go through the process for just one.

And don’t worry about estimating at this stage - you can be as comprehensive or as approximate as you like during this initial registration because you’ll be able to refine the information later.

In the Warehouse Details section, you’ll be asked for address, description and broad services of the warehouse. You’ll also be able to upload photos and relevant documentation, if you wish.

Once your first warehouse is created, you’ll see on your dashboard that the “storage details” and “pricing and availability” steps are now available.

In “Storage Details”, you get to define the characteristics of the available storage in more detail, specifying things such as allowable pallet weight and height, and total pallet space.

Following the Advanced route here allows you to define your storage space in multiple ways. Alternatively, you can follow the Quick route and define the whole space in a single way. That’s what we’re doing here but, again, don’t forget that you can always edit this information later on - once you know the ropes.

In “Pricing and Availability”, you can give us details of the pricing structure you want to apply to the storage you’ve listed, along with estimated availability levels over time. This can include variable pricing (for example, across different seasons) as well details of any volume discounts you may offer.

Finally, you will need to complete the “Contacts” section, where you will specify contacts for the various roles within the warehouse.

Once these elements are completed and verified, your details will be eligible to appear in our search listings to attract potential customers - congratulations, you’re now part of the ZupplyChain community!

You’ll now be able to access all your account details through your Dashboard, including refining the information you’ve already provided such as adding more warehouses or storage types as well as adapting your pricing and availability details over time.

If you have any further queries of any sort, one of our support team will be happy to help - please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via email at, via the livechat facility on our website or directly on the phone on 0161 705 4326.