Press release 8

Having rolled out our search facility at the start of the month, we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of coverage we received across the industry.

Warehouse & Logistics News and Handling and Storage Solutions have both been vocal previously about the innovation behind Zupplychain. And now that the whole service is live, connecting warehouse storage providers and pallet space customers across the UK, they’re keen to shout about our concept, the usability of our website and the convenience it brings to the sector.

Of course, we’ve been talking up the quality of what we do for some time but it’s still really satisfying to see media commentators recognising and appreciating the quality of what we’re offering and the impact it could have on the logistics and supply chain industries – not just in the UK but worldwide.

Check out the articles for more information and don’t forget to watch this space for all future developments as Zupplychain goes from strength to strength!


If you’re interested in finding out more about how ZupplyChain can fill the gaps in your warehouse space, as well as optimise your revenue generation, please get in contact today to register your interest.