Search tips 3

Have you been wondering what the little padlock to the top right of the search map is for?

It’s simple – it gives you an alternative way of searching. Instead of inputting a town or postcode in the search fields, you can unlock the map, click on a central point and the postcode of that point is populated in the search criteria. Then you add the distance around it.

When might this be useful?

Let’s say you’d prefer storage on the M62. You type in Bolton and 15 miles, but don’t get a suitable result. You might not want to search again using a radius of 30 miles as then you’ll get results heading up to Scotland or down to Stoke. Instead, you could unlock the map, put the curser somewhere further east on the M62 and search again.


If you have any other questions relating to the search pages – or, indeed, about any aspect of our website, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and ask. The Zupplychain community is always here to help!