Search tips 2

Once you’ve performed a search and opened up a warehouse profile, you can fine tune your requirements by using the ‘Estimated Requirements’ column in a warehouse profile. Change the quantity in any week to model product going out (or more coming in), pressing the refresh button that appears each time. Do this from the top down as any revised quantity will repeat from that week to the end of the estimated period.

Why bother? Well, there’s three reasons we’ve added this function:

  • You will see the estimated cost revise itself, so you get a better estimate of what the storage will cost for the whole period. When you look at the other profiles in this search, they too will be revised with the latest information you’ve given Zupplychain!
  • If a warehouse does not have enough available space for the full estimated period, it can’t be selected for an enquiry for storage. But if you revise the quantities by week (even if just roughly, perhaps every 4th or 6th week) and this then ‘fits’ the warehouse, it can then be selected for an enquiry.
  • It gives the storage provider a better understanding of your enquiry, what your requirements are.


If you have any other questions relating to the search pages – or, indeed, about any aspect of our website, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and ask. The Zupplychain community is always here to help!