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Zupplychain Terms

We’ve tried to make Zupplychain as easy as possible to use, so hopefully all of the terms we use for the search criteria headings are straight forward. But just in case…

  • Pallet Footprint refers to the type of pallet, e.g., euro, standards etc. Though for precision, we use the dimensions. Our search algorithm works on pallet width, so it can find a standard space for a euro pallet (albeit it may be a higher price than a euro space) but can’t fit a standard pallet in a euro space.
  • Maximum weight and maximum height refer to the heaviest and tallest pallet amongst those you want to store. In Tip 4, we’ll suggest what to do if you only have a few pallets skewing your weight/height search criteria.
  • Estimated period. This is the time by when you expect the last pallet to be out of storage. Don’t worry for now about whether all the pallets are in storage until then, or they are leaving gradually. We’ll help you with that in Tip 2. Also, the estimated period is not contractual, it’s just a guide for the provider.
  • ‘What are you storing’. What you write here doesn’t play a role in finding the search results, but is useful and important information for any warehouse that you select for a storage request.


The results delivered to a Zupplychain search are the registered providers who have enough of the right space to match the searched pallet specification. Some of that is dead easy to understand – the warehouse's racking is high enough and strong enough to carry the tallest /heaviest pallet; and it’s located within the mileage radius of the search.

The warehouse also has enough space in the first week of the search. If not, it doesn’t appear. But it may not have enough space for all the pallets for all of the estimated storage period. We’ll explain why and what a user can do about it next time.


If you have any other questions relating to the search pages – or, indeed, about any aspect of our website, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and ask. The Zupplychain community is always here to help!