Resources page introduced

Just a quick blog to introduce a new section on the Zupplychain site – “ Resources ”.

As I’m sure you can all imagine, creating a website that caters for all the variables involved in warehousing, logistics and supply chain management is not a simple process!

Furthermore, we’ve tried to balance the need to take into consideration the majority of factors we anticipate our users will experience whilst at the same time, making everything intuitive from the outset and easy to get to grips with. However, until you – our community – start to use the system, we won’t be 100% sure of how successful we’ve been with that second part of the equation!

With this in mind, we’ve put together a series of articles, giving advice on various elements of the website – registration, searching, etc. – which we hope will guide people through the initial stages before everything starts to become second nature. In fact, you may well have noticed some of the articles in the news section over the last few weeks.

Now we’ve decided to bring all these articles together in one place – the Resources section; sort of like a manual, both for warehouse storage providers and for customers in search of pallet space.

The aim is that this section will evolve over time – as fresh questions arise from our users, we’ll put together new guides and link them from here so that future visitors will benefit from the wisdom of the community.

As such, we’re all ears with regards to any questions, confusion or additional features you may have – please let us know and once we’ve answered to your satisfaction, we can incorporate any lessons learned into the site and into the resources.