Live search explained

Central to the Zupplychain offer is the ability to find storage for pallets. Your pallets will either be stored on racking or floor level. Some providers may offer outside storage – which may be lower cost – but, as the product owner, you have to be sure that it suitable. Pallets do not have to be full pallets but each one will be treated as a separate pallet in your search and on our database.

Why use Zupplychain?

There are many reasons to use Zupplychain to find storage for your pallets:

  • You may just have too much product for your warehouse. Maybe you took advantage of bulk-buying; or a customer over-forecasted; or you have a range change and are running dual stocks; or you have some obsolete or slow selling stock. Whatever the reason, you need some stock out of the way. And you want it with a reliable storage provider who can, if needed, deliver it back to you or on to third parties.
  • Or you have a small but growing business and so far have managed your stock in self-storage, or in a small unit, or alongside your production facilities.
  • Or you are a larger more mature business who has filled its existing warehouse and needs to add more storage. Back in the day, businesses added more warehousing – either bought, built or long-leased, based on long term forecasts that might not be right and, usually, located the new warehouse as nearby as possible. Zupplychain enables your business to out-source its warehousing, to rent as many pallet spaces as it needs at any one moment and to consider its geography strategically – i.e., maybe to store product nearer a customer or at an inbound or outbound port.

Whatever the reason, however many pallets you have and for how long, wherever you want to store, Zupplychain’s database of storage providers should have the answer for you. Just go to the search page, enter the details of what you are looking for, and SEARCH !

Where should I look?

You will want to consider your desired location according to your needs. If you are storing spare product for a considerable period which you will want returning en-masse, location may not be important, so search a wide area to get the most choice of warehouses. Alternatively, if you want the provider to distribute the pallets in smaller quantities to multiple locations, you may want to choose a specific location that suits this best. In the storage provider profiles, you will be able to see if they have the distribution or pick and pack and/or home delivery services you may need.

What will the results show me?

The results that are returned will show all the warehouses within your specified geography that have enough pallet spaces that can accommodate your type of pallet in the first week of your search. They may not have enough space for the whole period of your storage. At this stage, Zupplychain assumes all the pallets stay in the storage until the end of the estimated period. When you view the provider’s details, you can see this, and can also adjust the quantity you want to store week by week, reflecting whether the product is expected to leave gradually or all in one despatch. And whether any more product is coming in during the storage period.

What happens when I select ‘Submit Request’?

We will show you a form which will be sent to the selected provider to make an enquiry. We will ask for your and your company’s details and whether you want the provider to quote for in-bound transport of the pallets. You will also see what products the storage provider cannot store: not all warehouses are able to accommodate all types of goods. And we will remind you that you will probably need to arrange insurance cover for your products as most storage providers only offer basic cover (if your selected provider has additional cover, we will tell you about it).

After you send this enquiry, we give you an option to send up to two more enquiries from the original search results. We do this in case a provider’s stated space has recently become unavailable and to ensure you get a range of offers for payment terms.

And then what?

The provider will reply confirming availability, quoting for transport if requested and stating their payment terms. We give the provider 48 hours to reply. You can accept an offer straight away or wait until you have heard back from all your enquiries, if you made more than one. The provider may decline the request because, for example, lack of availability of enough space for enough time, inability to store the product, or because the quantity is too small.

When you accept a provider’s offer, that forms an order which the provider will acknowledge.

The search facility should be easy to use! If you don’t find it easy, please go to Contact us and tell us why not. If you ask, we will ring you back; if not, we will reply by mail. And we will use your comments to improve our website. See also FAQs and Resources for more info, or call us on the number at the top of the site.