Live search launched

Zupplychain is pleased to announce the launch of its live search facility.

Zupplychain launched for warehouse provider registrations in February and has already recruited over 50 warehouses with full registrations. Providers register how much space they have, what type of space it is, what sort of pallets it can accommodate and what price they want per pallet space.

Potential customers can then search according to their requirements – location, quantity of pallets, type of pallets – and have instant access to warehouse results that match their requirements, showing availability and pricing.

Zupplychain’ model will help businesses with seasonal or un-forecast stock swings to quickly find third party storage solutions and have an instant view of pricing and availability whilst providing warehouse owners with an easy way of accessing a broader customer base.

In addition to matching customers to warehouses, Zupplychain has developed a unique proprietary operating system, accessible to registered users. This enables many communications between the parties to be automated and is integrated into an on-line stock management system, providing visibility to warehouses and customers of stock status, bookings and movements linked by a Zupplychain unique reference number per pallet. With this, stock in multiple third party locations can be managed in one place on one system.

Zupplychain’s goal is to create a cloud-based environment for outsourcing all of a business’ logistics requirements.