Zupplychain Staff Bio

As we’re on the on the verge of going live with our warehouse storage search facility, we thought we’d take a quick look behind the scenes and introduce the main players in bringing Zupplychain to the market.

Bio Picure Martin

Martin Elgood, Managing Director

Prior to Zupplychain, Martin’s experience was largely in the kitchen furniture industry as Managing Director of Gower Furniture and PWS. Both businesses had large and fluctuating stock holdings, with sales levels being both seasonally and promotionally driven, often putting him in the shoes of Zupplychain users looking for storage solutions. Prior to the kitchen furniture industry, Martin was a management consultant at McKinsey and Co in London.

Martin’s focus within Zupplychain is innovating the site to be the most efficient market maker in the B2B sector.

Martin’s favourite book is ‘Waterland’; his favourite film is ‘Fargo’ and his favourite city is Nice. In his spare time, he likes to cycle in the Yorkshire Dales, as long as it’s warm and sunny.

Bio Picure Lauren

Lauren Bartlett, Business Development

Lauren studied Law and English at University but despite the potential of a city law career, was strangely far more attracted to the Logistics Industry, spending 15 years in the tricky and testing fields of International Freight Forwarding, Logistics and Warehousing, helping develop both her problem solving and customer relations skills.

Lauren’s focus in Zupplychain is on finding warehouse providers, helping them register and managing Zupplychain’s relationship with our Providers. Lauren can often be found looking around a warehouse, in a high-vis jacket.

Her weekends usually involve consoling the three Manchester United fans in her family (increasingly demanding, post-Sir Alex Ferguson). Lauren also undertakes charitable work for both Mahdlo, a state of the art Youth Zone providing opportunities for young people and the PC Nicola Hughes Memorial Fund, a charity set up by Nicola’s Dad to help children and young people who have lost a family member due to violent crime.

Bio Picure Kristian

Kristian Petterson, Marketing Manager

After graduating from the University of Bristol, Kristian worked in Underwriting for a number of years before relocating to the Lake District, where he has worked for Natural England and most recently, 5 years with a leading digital marketing agency. In this role, he led the development of all aspects of clients’ websites from content and social media to managing PPC campaigns.

Kristian’s role within Zupplychain is driving user traffic to the site through multi-channel marketing and ensuring the user experience is second to none.

In his spare time, he enjoys cooking impressive dishes for friends and family. And eating them (the meals, not the friends and family).

If you’d like to find out more about Zupplychain in general – or just to discuss the Coen Brothers films in more detail with Martin – please feel free to give us a call .