Zupplychain UK Pins

With just a handful of weeks to go before Zupplychain go live with their search facility, warehouse registrations continue to exceed all expectations. As such, the database of suppliers will be in a position to cover queries across the UK for a variety of warehouse services, storage types, availability requirements and costs.

Despite not yet being open to searches and transactions (which will inevitably generate more interest), the concept that Zupplychain represents and the potential for new business development that it promises has seen warehouse storage providers falling over themselves to register their details in advance of the May launch.

Representing an unprecedented opportunity for those offering pallet storage to present themselves to customers across the country, Zupplychain is a truly innovative solution to a problem that is well known in the logistics industry but not easily solved – the bringing together of those with spare warehouse capacity and those with excess pallet stock.

Zupplychain already has supplier coverage across over 75% of England with particular density in recognised storage hotspots such as the North West, the South East and the Midlands. It also has warehouse provision in Scotland and Wales.

Furthermore, the expectation is that growth will increase substantially when the search facility is launched. As Martin Elgood, Zupplychain’s MD, says, “We’re expecting registrations to experience a step-change once we go live for customers. We know there is a need for what Zupplychain is offering and when they see what we can do for their businesses, we anticipate customers will find us irresistible. Quite simply, this is the tip of the iceberg!”

If you want to be part of the Zupplychain community right from day one, please join us today –our free registration couldn’t be simpler.