Provider Dashboard - Messages

Welcome to our final post in our ‘How to use the Zupplychain Provider Dashboard’ series. We’ve covered ‘Warehouses’ and ‘Contacts’ previously; now it’s time for ‘Messages’.

We hope you’ll find our message system pretty intuitive. There’s ‘My messages’ which holds messages sent or copied to the logged-in user; and ‘All messages’, where every messages relating to the relevant warehouse can be found. Messages are sorted by date by default, and can be resorted by other columns – we expect ‘subject’ to be the most useful re-sort, so as to find, for instance, ‘enquiries’ or ‘movement requests’.

So what sort of messages will be found in the Zupplychain mail system?

‘Messages’ is where you will find notifications from Zupplychain. These will be concerning enquiries from customers, details of pallets for storage and their movements and notifications from Zupplychain about your account. Some of these will be reminders to check or update your warehouse details. In most cases, the notifications from Zupplychain will have a link the relevant page in your account in which to find information or act upon it.

Here’s some examples:

  • After a contract has been agreed, we will ask the customer as the start date approaches to confirm quantities and date/time to its warehouse provider.
  • Messages relating to booking in and booking out of product.
  • Zupplychain will advise a provider’s Availability Authority periodically to update space availability. We will also occasionally remind providers to update registration details and documents.

We expect to add more functionality to messages over time, in response to feedback from Zupplychain providers and customers. So let us know!