Provider Dashboard 3 - Contacts

Welcome to our third article to help Zupplychain providers navigate the Provider Dashboard . This time it’s ‘Contacts’ we’re going to talk about.

At Zupplychain, we want to streamline the communication between warehouse providers and customers as much as possible. We do this by automating and standardising some messages. These will include messages concerning enquiries or product movements or notifications from Zupplychain about, for example, updating registration details.

For this, we ask providers and customers to register individuals in their businesses on Zupplychain in certain roles, and to authorise individuals to change registration details such as pricing or availability.

Full details on the roles can be found in the ‘Find out more’ section of the Contacts area on your dashboard. The Zupplychain roles for warehouse providers are:

  • Enquiries Contact: responds to enquiries from customers.
  • Transport Contact: the contact for a customer if transport has been agreed as well as storage.
  • Goods-In Contact: contact for in-bound deliveries.
  • Picking and Dispatch Contact: contact for outbound movements.
  • Invoicing Contact: the contact who calculates and raises invoices.
  • Credit Contact: your credit controller.
  • Master Authority: authorised to change any account details and the only type of user who can change pricing.
  • Details Authority: authorised to change the warehouse’s registration details.
  • Availability Authority: authorised to change the amount of warehouse space on offer on Zupplychain.
  • Contacts Authority: authorised to change the names of contacts.

In many cases, you will be using the same names – the enquiries contact may be your office manager, who is also your Transport Contact and possibly your Details Authority. Goods-In and Picking and Dispatch may be the same person. Your Details and Availability Authorities may also be the same. The main thing for Contacts is to decide who is best in that role to respond promptly to the customer and, for Authorities, who has the information to make changes to your listing details.

There’s a few other things we’ve added to help ensure the communication flows well between providers and customers and to make sure Zupplychain always has someone to contact:

  • A Contact can nominate a second contact who Zupplychain will mail if the first contact is absent or fails to answer.
  • A Contact cannot delete themselves. Only the Contacts Authority can delete Contacts.
  • The first account registration name is the initial default for all Authorities. This can be deleted once at least one more name is added (for any one authority).
  • If there is only one name for an Authority, it can’t be deleted.

Finally, when a new Contact or Authority is nominated, Zupplychain sends them an e mail explaining the role and with a link for them to register.

We hope you find setting up Storage Provider Contacts quick and simple. If you have any questions, please mail us at or call us on the number at the top of the page.