Provider Dashboard 2 - Warehouse

This is our second article to help Zupplychain providers get around our Dashboard. We’re looking at the ‘Warehouses’ now; we’ll discuss ‘Contacts’ next time and ‘Messages’ after that.

The ‘Warehouses’ menu is easy once you’ve registered – it looks pretty much the same as the pages you used to register! There’s a couple of obvious differences – firstly, you can look at any one of the 3 steps, whereas in ‘registration’ you moved from one to the next in order, and each step has a view/edit toggle which those who are authorised to change your warehouse details can use. (We’ll explain ‘authorisations’ in our next article).

Here are some tips about this part of the dashboard:

  • Don’t forget to ‘save’ whenever you have finished editing a page, including uploading a document or photo. We know it’s an obvious point, but it’s easy to forget sometimes! We’ve tried to make the ‘save’ buttons big enough and visible enough to remind!
  • You can view your warehouse profile in this menu and see how a potential customer will see it.
  • If you have multiple warehouses to register, here’s the place to do it, following the same steps as before.
  • If you add further warehouses, we’re not going to show you the ‘Dashboard Home’ list of what registration details are completed or not that you saw for your first warehouse – we reckon you’ll know what you are doing by now! But do make sure you add pricing and availability for each pallet type – without this, the warehouse won’t appear in customer searches. And don’t forget to add Contacts to your additional warehouses.

Next week, we’ll take a look at the “Contacts” and the “Messages” sections so be sure to keep an eye out for our new blogs .