Provider Dashboard 1

If you are on your Zupplychain Provider Dashboard, you’ve registered. Well done and thank you!

This is the first of a short series of articles to help you navigate your dashboard and make the most of it. We will start with a quick introduction, and then follow up with some specifics in subsequent blogs in this stream.

Where to start?

When you land on your dashboard, the first thing you will see is a list of the registration steps and how many you have completed. Steps 1-3 establish your warehouse on the Zupplychain database. Step 4 is to set up contact and authorisation details for various roles so Zupplychain and its customers can contact the right people in your business, and you can decide who has the authority to change different parts of your registration.

This view will disappear once you have completed the registration and contact details for your first warehouse.

So what else is on the dashboard?

You can access each Dashboard function through the menu on the left hand side or the boxes in the centre.

  • ‘Dashboard Home’ takes you back to this front page at any time.
  • ‘Account’ holds your basic personal details and is where you can change your password.
  • ‘Warehouses’ is where you can view and edit your registration details and add another warehouse to the same account. When you set up ‘Contacts’ you will authorise various colleagues to be able to make changes to your warehouse details. You can view your warehouse profile here to.
  • Once you have set up contacts, there details can be found in ‘Contacts’ and amended if necessary. If you have multiple warehouses you can either use the same of different contacts, depending on how your business is structured. Once you have an agreement to store with a customer, Zupplychain will post the customer’s contact details here.
  • ‘Messages’ is where you find messages from Zupplychain. These will be split into ‘My messages’ and ‘All messages’.

Who can use the dashboard?

Until you set up Contacts, only the original registration name can access the dashboard. Once you set up other Zupplychain roles within your business (in ‘Contact set up’), they will have access to the dashboard for that warehouse. Everyone registered can see all the details and all the Zupplychain messages (and their own in ‘My messages’) but only those authorised to change details can do so.

Why do I add additional warehouses to the same account?

You don’t have to – you could set up a second warehouse as a separate account. However, we recommend you add warehouses under the initial account. This will allow you to centralise control of pricing, if desired, and will be the better route if you have a centralised account function. It also means less passwords to remember!

How do I get back in to my Dashboard?

Whenever you log in , we’ll take you there. The log in button is where we hope you would expect to find it – top right hand side of the screen whenever you are on our website. Once logged in, if you go back to any of the main site pages, you can get back into your dashboard by clicking on your e mail address in the same area.

Next time, we’ll cover the ‘Warehouses’ menu. Why not have a look at it now, and hopefully we’ll answer any questions you have in our next piece!