How We Market

As well as offering substantial value to the customer-provider relationship - particularly with regards to transparent and efficient online communication - the main benefit of using Zupplychain is, understandably, our aggregation service.

From a customer perspective, this means that we can offer a filtered range of providers that will satisfy their specific storage requirements (be they location, availability of space, additional services or price).

From the point of view of providers - that is, warehouse owners - the main benefit is, of course, that we bring them new business; moreover, new business that they would not (or could not) have attracted themselves through their existing sales channels.

Quite rightly, therefore, a number of our registered providers have asked for an insight into how Zupplychain generates additional interest and relevant customer traffic to the website.

Essentially, customer traffic is generated through 3 main marketing channels: traditional marketing - both outbound and inbound marketing - and more predominantly, given that our platform is online, digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Whilst we are undoubtedly focused on attracting visitors digitally, that does not mean we have abandoned offline marketing.

With regards to outbound work, we continue to use our business development team to generate interest - both amongst buyers and sellers - through telephone work and face-to-face visits. Of course, the potential scope of this market could include any business that deals in tangible goods to ensure we are efficiently targeting relevant segments, we conduct ongoing data analysis across all potential industries to optimise our focus.

We also see an ongoing importance in traditional inbound marketing. Zupplychain works to maintain a presence in print publications - both general and trade ( for example, Warehouse & Logistics News ) - through advertising and press releases.

Furthermore, we will be working to establish appropriate visibility with target customer groups via mailshots and trade shows.

Digital Marketing

Zupplychain will be focusing primarily on three core elements of digital marketing.

Initially, we will focus on paid search channels - Pay Per Click (PPC) providers such as Google (and Bing) Adwords, as well as advertising in social media avenues, such as Promoted Ads in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These will give the website immediately visibility - and can be used in a targeted fashion to ensure potential customers are reached effectively. As it represents a key part of our early marketing, we have an experienced PPC team to manage this.

PPC will also allow us to demonstrate an authoritative foothold in the industry and will support our ongoing work to establish organic search rankings.

Organic search - through active SEO, we will be promoting our site in the rankings for key industry search phrases that will attract both buyers AND sellers.

The complexity of SEO precludes a full breakdown of this work here but as a very brief primer, successful SEO is predicated on three areas:

  • Technical best practice - ensuring the site is responsive, intuitive and informative (to both humans and search engines).
  • Content Development - clarifying, through its (ongoing) use of language, what the site does - using reasonably diverse but relevant terminology, for example - and also demonstrating that the site is knowledgeable about these subject areas.
  • Link Development - a key feature of successful sites (in search ranking terms) is inbound links to the site from other, third-party sites that are both authoritative and relevant. Whilst the development of these links would hopefully occur entirely naturally, they can (and should) be helped along through good communication and marketing of both the site in general and new content in particular.

Lastly, for now, we will be maintaining an active social media presence. This will provide the opportunity to maximise connection with our community and promote news about the company, as well as supplement the development in digital authority that is central to organic traffic growth.

I hope this gives some insight into the various ways Zupplychain will be generating interest and traffic amongst both warehouse providers and storage customers. As a result of this relevant site traffic, we aim to establish brand recognition across all major user groups and this will, in turn, create its own marketing cycle, undoubtedly generating new and interesting opportunities for more diverse projects - such as viral marketing campaigns, Brand events, etc.

If you would like to discuss anything you've read further with one of our team, please don't hesitate to get in contact .