Press release 6

As part of Zupplychain's pre-launch publicity campaign, we were extremely pleased to be featured in Logistics Business Magazine on 14th January 2016.

Describing itself as "The only pan-European journal for all aspects of logistics, supply chain, warehousing & materials handling", Logistics Business Magazine is an International Quarterly that has an enviable reach, both digitally and offline.

Their audience is English-speaking decision-makers across the continent, offering exposure, networking and a trusted insight for over 120, 000 monthly readers. As such, it's extremely satisfying for Zupplychain to receive the benefit of this visibility so early in our development.

In the article , our founder (Chris Hopkinson) and our MD (Martin Elgood) talk about the genesis of the Zupplychain concept, as well as describing the "peer to peer" model - exemplified by market disrupters such as Airbnb and Uber - that we're seeking to bring to the supply chain vertical.

If you're interested in finding out more about how ZupplyChain can fill the gaps in your warehouse space, as well as optimise your revenue generation, please get in contact today to register your interest.