Registration Step 1 Part 1

Welcome to the first of a series of blogs which we hope will help storage providers make the most of their Zupplychain registration and the Zupplychain functionality, whether a new registration or an existing member adding to its details.

The first step of your registration allows you to describe your company and first warehouse. Most of this information will be seen by a potential customer when they view your details, after your warehouse has met their search criteria and been included in the list of results. This registration step allows you to sell your business and its services over and above the warehouse space availability that you will specify in Steps 2 and 3.

Remember, when a customer searches, they will see all the warehouse results that match their search and can view the details of all. 'Step 1 - Warehouse Details' is your opportunity to help customers identify that your warehouse is the best for them!

In step 1, you are able to:

  • Write some free text to describe your business and its services. You could add detail about trade organisation and pallet network membership, how long you have been established, 'family owned', 'international' - in fact, anything you would include in an outline description of your business to a potential new customer. The Zupplychain customer will see this description when they view your profile. We recommend 50-150 words.
Registration Step 1 Part 2
  • Upload some pictures that show off your warehouse, whether externally or internally. We strongly recommend uploading at least one, as otherwise Zupplychain fills the space in the profile reserved for photos with a temporary image (not a photo). If you upload multiple photos, the customer can toggle through them, and you can specify which one is the main photo (and change that in future if you like). You may not have photos available when you first register, but these can be added later when you access your warehouse details through your Dashboard (and use the 'edit' function).
RegistrationStep 1 Part 3
  • Upload documents which illustrate your business' and warehouse's quality of service and level of security to potential customers. These could include trade organisation and pallet network memberships, ISO certificates, insurance, fire safety, specific accreditation for storing foodstuffs or hazardous products etc. These documents can be uploaded as Word docs (or equivalent) or PDFs. Each one will require a name title to be uploaded. The potential customer can then open and view these documents on your profile.
  • Tick boxes that detail your warehouse's services and facilities. These include things like 'pick and pack' and 'container de-stuffing'. The customer will see these on your warehouse profile and be able to match them to its requirements.
  • Communicate your insurance for product in your warehouse. Here you can specify your insurance level per pallet or per weight. This is a free text input, so you can describe your insurance however suits, such as '£250 per tonne' or '£250 per tonne, additional insurance available on request'. You can also specify products you cannot store under the terms of your insurance. The customer will see these insurance details if they open up the 'enquiry request' for your warehouse, and can consider then whether to proceed with the enquiry. (The first question in this section - 'are you insured...for storing third parties' products' - is to confirm you are insured for the business of storage. You can only register if this is true).
  • At this stage, you are the only registered user for your warehouse's registration. However, you can add other users in 'Contacts' in your Dashboard (available March 2016).

Once you've completed as much of Step 1 as you can at this stage, including mandatory fields, you can save your warehouse and return to your details later via your Dashboard to add, edit and improve your profile. However, your warehouse will not appear in customer searches until Steps 2 and 3 are completed. Further blogs will be published in the next few days to help with completing the next steps so keep your eyes peeled...