J Stell & Sons Case Study

Recently, we covered the impact that our warehouse storage services and stock database had had on the business development of a customer, J Stell & Sons Ltd.

Justifiably proud of how Zupplychain had helped this customer secure business and also to subsequently manage the stock movements related to the contract, we had promoted the Case Study on our site and also in our social media.

Subsequently, the story has been picked up in the logistics industry press – notably in Warehouse & Logistics News and Handling & Storage Solutions , both big players in the warehousing sector.

The story itself is a great primer on what makes Zupplychain such an innovative concept. Firstly, in helping J Stell to find flexible pallet storage solutions quickly and efficiently outside of their usual trading locations and, secondly, in giving them an invaluable platform (through our Stock Database) to manage the stock in and out of a third-party warehouse seamlessly and in confidence.

J Stell & Sons have made it clear that without the services Zupplychain provided, they would have been unable to win the contract and are confident they will be able to use us to secure business again in the future.


If you think Zupplychain could help with your immediate pallet storage needs – or with ongoing stock management solutions – search today to take advantage of our ground-breaking platform.