Why or when might I use Zupplychain?

Anyone who has pallet storage requirements, whether a handful or hundreds, for a week or two or for months, can use Zupplychain to find space. We hope to be able to help seasonal businesses, small businesses without enough space and growing businesses, saving them adding more of their own storage, when Zupplychain can find them available space at the best prices. Also, you could use Zupplychain to find space outside your usual areas, maybe because you want to store product closer to a customer or close to an inbound or outbound port. Or you may just want some slow moving stock out of the way!

What happens ‘behind the scenes’ when I do a search?

We will give you a list of all the warehouses that match your search – these will be within the search area you specified and with enough space, of the right type, for your first week’s storage requirements. Once you go into ‘view details’ for a specific warehouse, you can change the quantities in each week of your search period to see if the warehouse is a complete fit to your requirements.

If a warehouse does not have enough room for my requirements, can I still send it an enquiry?

Yes, we give warehouse providers the opportunity to meet your requirements.

What happens when I submit a storage request?

When you select a warehouse, you will see your search details and the details of the selected warehouse and you will be asked for some further details. This information will be sent to the selected storage provider to respond within 48 hours with confirmation of its storage offer, including payment terms (or a decline). You can then accept this offer, which forms an order, or decline it. Finally, the storage provider acknowledges this order, or has a final opportunity to decline it.

How many storage requests can I make for each search enquiry?

You can make up to 3 requests per search. This means that if a selected storage provider can’t meet your requirements (perhaps because the space shown on Zupplychain has just been filled), you will have other providers making offers.

Can I arrange transport through Zupplychain also?

Yes. You can request the selected storage provider to provide you with a quote for the inbound delivery. Many storage providers will be able to offer a distribution service also, or you can arrange your own transport.

Can I cancel a contract?

You can cancel without cost up to 28 days before delivery. Within 28 days, the storage provider may charge you the value of the first week’s storage under the Terms and Conditions if it wishes to.

Will I be paying Zupplychain or the storage provider?

The contract is between you and the storage provider, so you pay the storage provider – Zupplychain’s role is to bring you together.

How do I manage my stock information?

Zupplychain has developed a cloud based warehouse management system to allow customers to view and manage their stock in one or multiple third part warehouses. This system uses a Unique Reference Number (URN) and barcode for each pallet and enables customers to request product shipments pallet by pallet. The database is supported by a series of automated communications between customers and Zupplychain warehouses. Further information on the Stock Database can be found in the resources section.

How many contracts can I have through Zupplychain?

As many as you like! Zupplychain wlll help you store your product in multiple locations. This may help you reduce storage costs and, by storing product in better locations, reduce your logistics costs.

Does Zupplychain charge for this service?

No. We are providing the Zupplychain service for free for now to allow us to collect feedback, from both warehouse storage providers and customers, to improve and develop the service.

In 2017, we intend to introduce a small charge to warehouse providers for each Zupplychain transaction.